Our Content and Influence Marketing Specialist can find and negotiate with your favorite brands or brands that fit your personality and style to settle a great artist/brand partnership for you.


We help artists, record labels, and events connect with brands for partnerships that benefit everyone! 


After filling out the initial briefing with specifications about your style, and brands you admire or identify with, we will deeply analyze your social networks. We analyze and cross key data related to the client’s profile and different brands/companies, being able to evaluate what kind of partnerships and/or sponsorships might be a match. Our brand partnership services include preparing unique media kits (design + data analysis + brand partnership) based on our clients’ visual identities to make these partnerships even easier. 


What we can do for you:

  • Analysis and targeting of your social networks;
  • Hunting for brands and partners that fit (artist/label/event) brand;
  • Pitch your presentation supported with your media kit (predicting the buzz a publication can generate);
  • Negotiation of the scope of delivery of publications, financial negotiation between artist and brand;
  • Performance report of paid partnership(s) on social media to be delivered to the client and the paying brand. 


Our team can collaborate with you to build your entire brand identity and establish a consistent image across all platforms, including social media, websites, and merchandise.


We can also prepare and deliver your Media Kit only.