Artist Visas

We can assist you with the US O1-B & P1-B process.


Video clip production

We also offer different services for your video clip production. We organize and manage the project and, thanks to our great database of professionals; we can work as a creative hub and provide professionals that can cover the scriptwriting, art direction, lighting design, casting, filming, editing, and post-production, helping artists and labels create stunning music videos or any other kind of visual content that effectively communicate your message.


Event Management

We can help you with the planning and organization of your events. The scope of the event management services will vary depending on the event’s size and complexity and your necessity.


This service involves key tasks such as Venue (selection, contracting, operations, coordinating with vendors and suppliers, and venue setup for the event), Artist booking (negotiation, contracting, performance logistics, and equipment), Event logistics and operations (coordination of various logistics such as staging, lighting, sound, and security, and event operations on the day of the event), sponsor hunting, Event marketing and promotion (developing and executing a marketing and promotion plan to generate awareness and interest in the event, coordinating with media outlets and other promotional partners to maximize exposure, and managing ticket sales).