To have stronger possibilities of succeeding, music artists should be able to have the support of a person or team that possesses a deep understanding of the music industry processes, strong business acumen, lots of contacts, and excellent communication skills to effectively manage and develop the career, brand, and the business affairs of the artist.

Our team of professionals offers complete management for selected artists and a wide range of services designed to meet the unique needs and goals of independent artists and artist management teams, aiming to support your projects and initiatives. They are:


Management plays a crucial role in shaping an artist’s career, helping them advance, achieve their goals, and reach new heights.

Our Artist Management services include:

Career Development: to establish short and long-term goals and develop plans and strategies to achieve them, as well as to plan and coordinate diverse activities (releases, tours, promotional activities, etc.)

Strategic Planning: to create innovative strategies based on trends and/or data to help artists stay relevant, competitive and successful.

Business Affairs: negotiate recording contracts, publishing deals, and sponsorship agreements, among others. Plan and handles financial matters (budgeting, accounting, royalty payments, etc.)

Public Relations: Manage the artist’s reputation by coordinating and developing PR strategies to enhance the artist’s visibility and exposure.

Brand Development: to build or develop the artist’s brand identity, creating and establishing a consistent image across all platforms.

Team Management: Hire and manage a team of professionals to support the artist’s career and handle daily operations (agents, publicists, etc.).



Artist booking involves identifying suitable venues and promoters that align with the artist’s musical style and/or brand and pitching the artist’s project to them in order to generate live performance opportunities. It includes negotiating performance fees and other terms and conditions. 

In the case of tours, it involves handling all aspects of the tour’s management, including scheduling, budgeting, and logistics. Our team can help you to organize and manage your tour in a specific territory or region or to pitch your artist profile or music project to a particular event promoter to close a single booking. If you already have bookings on the table, we can also help you with traveling and logistics management.

Logistics management: it is a critical component of the booking process and involves coordinating all aspects of the artist’s travel, accommodations, diets, and equipment for the live performance. It includes managing the artist’s itinerary, booking flights and hotels, arranging transportation to and from the venue, and ensuring all necessary equipment is available and in good working order.

Marketing and Promotion: through our management service, or in cooperation with you or your manager, we can also support the development and execution of marketing and promotional strategies to increase events attendance and ticket sales.


We can provide tour managers to accompany you in your gig(s)/tour(s) in certain countries in South America and Europe countries.


The tour manager will ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently during your trips and shows, guaranteeing the artist all assistance so he/she can relax and concentrate 100% on the performances.

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Data analytics has become an essential source of information from which it’s possible to build strategic planning to strengthen artistic careers.

If you want to build up solid marketing strategies that will drive consistent growth inside your music niche, our team can analyze data from sources such as social media platforms and music streaming services and collect information and metrics to create reports with critical trends and insights, which will help you to take better decisions regarding promotion efforts or on the creation of content that better resonate on and engage the fanbase.

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