We offer several services to artists and record labels. Tailoring a service pack based on each client’s goals and needs, we help to strengthen brand recognition and reputation through the development and execution of communication, PR, and marketing strategies and campaigns to increase your visibility, exposure, and results. 


Our services include: 

Media Relations: by building relationships between your brand and journalists, bloggers and influencers of printed and online media outlets, we can obtain media appearances and coverage such as interviews, articles, press notes, reviews, podcasts, videocasts, premiers, and more.


Press Release Writing: We write compelling press releases for your music releases and press campaigns that effectively communicate your message to your targeted public and media outlets. (In English, Castellano, Français & Português)


Promo distribution: We prepare and send your release to DJs and radio stations some weeks before the release date. It incites the support of your music by relevant artists and radio or podcast hosters before the release date, enhancing sales, artists’ and/or the labels’ recognition, and boosting neighboring rights royalties generation. We can pitch your music promos to our artist/radio mailing list or your own contact list.


Playlist pitching: We prepare and pitch your music and videos to relevant and official Spotify playlists and other platforms to increase plays, aiming to help your music to go viral.


Social Media Management: We develop and execute social media strategies based on data analytics that grow and engage your fanbase and promote your music and events.


Event Promo Planning and Management: We plan and execute, or help you to plan and execute, the promotion of album release parties and other events that help you connect with your fans and generate buzz around your brand, music, and performances.


Tour Press: We secure tour press coverage for you by coordinating interviews and feature stories with local and national media outlets.


Brand Partnerships: We identify and negotiate brand partnerships and sponsorships that align with your music and image.

The data and its analytics have become an essential source of information from which it’s possible to build strategic planning for successful music artists’ careers or an independent record label consolidation.


Our team can provide you with important data information and analysis to help build solid marketing strategies as a music artist, an event promoter, or as part of an independent record labels team who wants to optimize its efforts and drive consistent growth inside a specific music niche. 


Using tools such as Chartmetric, Soundcharts, Spotify for Artists, and Tableau, we monitor and analyze data from various sources, including social media platforms, music streaming services, ticketing websites, and more. We collect and analyze data on user engagement, follower growth, geographic location, and other metrics to create comprehensive reports highlighting key trends and insights.


For example, thanks to the information we provide, record labels can better decide which artists to sign and where to boost efforts on their releases promotion or which songs to promote most in each region to enhance both promotional and financial results. Or, by analyzing user engagement data on social media platforms, we can help music artists or event promoters to identify which types of content their audience engages with the most and help them to tailor their content to better resonate with their fans, promoting strategies with an organic approach that results in fan base engaging and grow.


In summary, our data analysis helps our clients understand their target audience better, identify the most effective marketing channels, and optimize their campaigns for maximum impact by identifying emerging trends or specific public behaviors inside different electronic music sector niches. 


We understand that the music industry is a complex and ever-changing landscape, and our data-driven approach helps our clients reach their goals, identifying growth opportunities in an oversaturated market.


Overall, our data analysis strategies provide a comprehensive view of the music industry and can help you to make critical decisions to grow your audience and drive success. Whether you’re a music artist looking to gain more fans, a record label looking to reach new audiences, or an event promoter looking to sell more tickets, our data-driven approach can help you achieve your goals and succeed in the competitive world of music.



We design complete communication and marketing strategies supported by data analytics based on the necessities or goals to be reached by the artist or record label regarding new releases, fan base growth, penetration in a new country or region, etc.