We help Electronic Music Composers to collect royalties generated by the broadcast of their music compositions in clubs, festivals, TV, radio, and online platforms. 


DJ 360º PRO Publishing is a publishing agency founded by music authors, producers, DJs, and music lovers aiming to help electronic music composers and songwriters to maximize the royalties they receive for their musical works. 


If you have created at least one song, understand that you are a music creator with rights over your creations. And if someone has played your creations publicly, you have royalties waiting to be collected!




In this simple chart, you can see how you should be paid for the use of your music.



On the left – When a Record Label releases your music, it must pay you – based on the terms agreed by the contract – the monies your music generates when it is streamed or when a copy of the recording is purchased.


On the right – If there is a recording of your composition, regardless it was released by a record label or not, and someone plays it publicly (live, or via radio or tv, etc.), you have Performing Royalties to collect. 


Furthermore, you must receive monies every time your compositions are reproduced (Mechanical Royalties) physically or digitally (via on-demand streaming or download-to-own services).


Finally, suppose some person or company wants to synchronize your composition with movies, ads, video games, or other audio-visual materials. In that case, they need your permission to use it (they need a sync license, in which all use terms will be set and for which they have to pay sync royalties).


The Music Publisher helps you to manage everything you see on the top right part of the chart (what is inside the purple square).


We can also help you to collect the royalties related to your work as a performer in master recordings, the so-called «Neighbouring Rights Royalties», as you can see on the bottom right part of the chart (what is inside the green square). 





We assist composers and performers in the management of their Performing Rights, Mechanical Rights, and Sync Rights, among other things, through publishing consulting, music work registration, royalty split agreements management, review of music release contracts, seeking opportunities for the use of the works in movies, ads, video games, and more.


We can also pitch your songs to labels you want to release at and/or seek remixers for your songs.




If you want a Publishing to administer your music catalog, get in contact with us so we can analyze your catalog and consider you for inclusion on the DJ 360 PRO Publishing roster. 


Music Publishing is the oldest vertical of the music business. The term “publishing” was adopted in the early 20th century when sheet music publishing ran the music business. Back then, publishers were in charge of putting compositions to paper, producing songbooks, distributing them to stores, and compensating authors for the commercial use of their work. Nowadays, music sheets are still published, but a lot has changed, and the monetization of musical work may come from different sources when it is: 1) reproduced and distributed, 2) performed or displayed publicly, 3) when a derivative work is created based on the original music work.


The Music Publishers are professionals responsible for representing composers, songwriters, and lyricists (the authors) and ensuring they get compensated for the commercial use of their intellectual property. 



The Authors must focus on making music, and the best they can do is to have a dedicated publishing administration representative, i.e., a music publisher, to register, audit, claim, and dispute others’ claims on their behalf. In other words, someone who will fight for their copyright-related money, which is the essence of publishing administration.



We help electronic music performers, recording artists, producers, and record labels collect royalties from the broadcast of their recordings in clubs, festivals, TV, radio, and online platforms. 

We register your catalog and collect your Neighbouring Rights royalties for you.



Neighbouring rights are intellectual property rights that grant performers, recording artists, music producers, and record labels the right to control the use of their master recordings. These rights include the right to control and collect royalties for the public performance, broadcast, and distribution of their recordings. 

The Neighbouring Rights management service manages these rights on behalf of performers, recording artists, music producers, and record labels, helping to ensure that they receive fair compensation for the use of their recordings, regardless of whether they own the underlying copyrights to the recordings. The Neighbouring Rights manager handles the administrative tasks associated with managing these rights, allowing you to focus on the creative work.