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We craft a variety of contracts you may need as a record label, artist, music composer, artist manager, etc. 

  • Record Label Contracts
  • Master License Agreements
  • Royalty Split Share Agreements
  • Single Song Collaboration Agreements
  • Recording Artist Contracts
  • Synchronization Licenses (Compilations, TV/Film, Adverts, Games, etc.)
  • Master Use Licenses (Compilations, TV/Film, Adverts, Games, etc.)
  • Advertising Music Composer Agreements
  • Artist Management Contracts
  • Etc.



We also prepare, send, track, and manage eSignatures of each document on your behalf, facilitating and streamlining agreement procedures between you and your collaborators and clients. 


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Music Sync License Management

We manage the synchronization requests you may receive for your catalog’s recordings or musical works, including contracts and permission from the recording or publishing sides.


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