We can give you advice on how to streamline your label’s workflow, as well as how to boost the label’s revenue streamings. We help you to understand your needs, helping you to make key decisions, such as the best distributor, or best productivity tools to choose.


Master Classes: We can also elaborate master classes about important subjects of Label Management, according to your own needs, to impart to your label’s team.


Do you still not have a label but are thinking about starting one? We can help you build it from the ground up, taking care of all the important matters to create an efficient workflow and a recognizable and respected label brand.

A&R (Artist and Repertoire) 


Thinking about giving you a hand on your label’s musical direction and planning, our A&R service focuses on helping you to make partnerships that bring recording deals that both, promote your music vision, and add value for your label brand and to all artists involved.



Pitching: We can get in contact with music artists you want to release on your label on your behalf and pitch them a release proposal tailored according to your guidelines; we will work on developing your relationship with them, and even take care of bureaucratic details such as agreement clauses and release schedule planning.



Finding and recruiting: We can also help you to discover new talents for your label.

Our team of experts uses advanced tools and techniques to monitor and analyze data from various sources, including social media platforms and music streaming services to identify emerging trends and artists, being able to provide a comprehensive view and key information about the market that can lead you to take smart decisions when it comes to signing new talents.  



We craft your personalized Record Label Agreement and manage it through a safe system that sends, tracks, and grabs eSignatures of all parts.


Furthermore, we can manage your synchronization licenses or any other music license your label may need.


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If you want your label’s tracks to sound in line with the music industry’s audio quality standards, you have to seek proper sound mastering.


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We prepare and send your release to DJs and radio stations, fomenting the support of your music by relevant artists, radio stations, or podcast hosters, enhancing sales, labels’ recognition, and boosting of neighboring rights royalties generation. 


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If you want to build up solid marketing strategies that will drive the label’s recognition inside its music niche, our team can help by analyzing data from sources such as social media platforms and music streaming services, and, by collecting information and metrics, we can create reports with key trends and insights that will help you on the making of key decisions regarding, i.e., which artists to sign, or, where to boost efforts on their releases promotion, or, which songs to promote most in each region. Data analytics can help you to understand your target audience better, identify the most effective marketing channels, and optimize your social media campaigns for maximum impact, resulting in better fanbase engagement and growth, and, consequently, boosting the financial results. 


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We provide you with the ISRC codes you need for the correct commercialization of your label’s tracks.



Besides being mandatory for the correct music commercialization under the recording music industry rules, making sure you issue your ISRCs will facilitate the collection of Neighbouring Royalties when your music is played or broadcast.



For example, if you only sell your music through Bandcamp, which does not assign codes to tracks without ISRCs, you can not register your music catalog on NR associations, becoming not legible to collect the NR royalties.



As members of AGEDI (Spanish Association for the Management of Intellectual Rights) we are authorized to issue and provide you with official and unique ISRC codes valid throughout the world.



Each ISRC must be associated with a unique song, so you may need one or more, depending on whether you are going to publish: a single, an EP, or an album.



How can I get my ISRC codes?

Email us telling us how many codes you will need.



> Price

2 euros per code



We take care of the administrative tasks associated with the management of the Neigbouring Rights to ensure the correct collection of neighbouring rights royalties generated by the broadcast of your label recordings in clubs, festivals, TV, radio, and online platforms.


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We can give you a hand or take care of the management of your Records Label. 

Our services include:

– A&R

– Release planning

– Artist personal data and press information management

– Contract management, and eSignature management

– Press release writing

– Promo distribution

– PR pitching

Do not include:

– Neighbouring Rights Administration

– Media outlet paid features

– Playlist pitching


– Distribution

– Accounting

Special discount on:

– Label Contract crafting 

– Audio Mastering

– ISRC codes

– Promo distribution

– Distribution

– Data Analytics

– Social Media Management